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The importance of reading and problem-solving for kids

Reading is a portal to another world. It helps us relax and get rid of the stress we had during the day. Children get all of those benefits and many more. So reading to your kids and bonding with them over books and stories has advantages that will impact them for their entire lives.

Improve cognitive skills

When you read to your child, you give them more insight into their world. Reading helps them make sense of what they see and hear. This helps children develop an active imagination and helps them develop the ability to visualize abstract concepts.

Reading is an intellectual activity that gets millions of brain cells to respond almost instantly. In addition, this helps to strengthen the connections between these cells and helps form new ones. These neural connections stay around for the rest of their lives.

The best books to read are those that are entertaining and put their thinking skills actively to work. Animal Detectives is a book that is going to

Better language skills

Daily reading improves children's language acquisition and communication skills significantly. When you start to read to your kid when they are in infancy, it stimulates the parts of the brain that helps them process the meaning and use of language.

This effect is even more pronounced when you actively read and have the child formulate his thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the story.

Animal Detectives allows you and your child to have a fun and interactive learning experience and stimulates their young brains tremendously. This helps them acquire new vocab and gives them the opportunity and training to use these new words and concepts.


One of the most important and immediate effects of reading with your child is the special bond you develop. By regularly going on a literature adventure together, you are spending quality time together.

Reading a book to your children that they enjoy improves their wellbeing and happiness. This love and attention have a robust positive effect on your child's emotional state and self-confidence.

Animal Detectives: The case of the missing goats is the perfect book to bond with your (grand)children. Together, you solve the case of the missing goats by assisting them in finding and interpreting clues! The story is an unforgettable and enriching experience from start to finish for young children.

About Animal Detectives: The case of the missing goats

The book is filled with interactive adventure, ideal for young readers who enjoy solving clues and putting their brains to work! "Animal Detectives: The case of the missing goats" by Najib Abdi will awaken the joy of reading and problem-solving in your children, all while keeping them hooked from beginning to end!

"Little ones will love searching for clues and solving this mystery.

Highly recommend it!" - Cate Hogan.

Get your Kindle book now and enjoy this mysterious adventure together with your kids today!

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